Linoleum (2018) is the sonic representation of a love story between two extra-terrestrial beings. Their cozy domicile is near the Gesualdo Waterfall on the western coast of planet Linoleum. The music of Linoleum deals with the ephemeral nature of human relationships, and the aspects of love which are alien to us. Indeterminacy is an inevitable aspect of interpersonal relationships; drawing upon this reality, much of the music and dance in Linoleum is indeterminate. Each performer improvises at some point, and musicians and dancers involve themselves in interdisciplinary work.

Conversación Tranquila (2015), translated as "Quiet Conversation," is written for small drum set and marimba, all to be played by one player. Like my composition Story Cage, this piece was written as an assignment for my Percussion Masterclass at Cal State University, Northridge. Although a snare drum and hi-hat are appropriate for this piece, my imagination prefers a shime daiko to replace the snare drum, and a ribbon crasher to replace the hi-hat. If a snare drum is used, the snares should be turned off. For proper comfort, an 18" bass drum should do the trick- it will slide under the marimba nicely! What is written in the photos below is truly a blueprint. The majority of the piece should be improvised, while still staying true to the foundation of what is written.

Story Cage (2015) is a short piece for ribbon crasher, wire cage, shime daiko, and a hardcover book. It was composed as an assignment for my Percussion Masterclass at CSUN. Each student in the class was assigned four different instruments from a hat and we then wrote short pieces for those instruments.

Farewell Anthem (2014):

Wahlflower (2012):

The Greenhouse Suite (2011):

Let's Just Say (2010):